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At Haystack we take pride in exceeding what other recruitment firms put into a placement.  We transcend above by using a series of search tools, skill matching, pre-interview questioning, salary negotiations, area research for relocating candidates and other tools to assure each placement is well suited for your organization.

Why use Haystack Professional Recruiting:


Diminish time spent and financial burdens the hiring process creates:  Each time you call on the Haystack team we will do an in-depth search to match you with fully vetted exemplary candidates to interview.


Increased center of attention on core objectives:  Outsourcing recruiting allows your internal leadership and HR to focus on maximizing their time and concentrate on strategic initiatives.


Reduce turnover:  Our extensive and comprehensive vetting process is designed to match the right candidate to your organization.  We go the extra mile and spend the time necessary to confirm the candidate is a long-term fit for your organization.

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We lead permanent searches within the following areas:

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