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Embrace the Unexpected

When I graduated seminary in May 2000, I had my whole life planned out. I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life. There is a strong feeling of security in having a strong plan and vision for your future. My experience over the years has also taught me that things can shift unexpectedly and a career change at age 38 was frightening to say the least. My work in ministry actually started in 1997, so after almost 20 years of serving my community and striving to help others and offering hope I found myself feeling hopeless. In changing careers, I felt completely disconnected from my plan and I had no clue what the future had in store for me.

Fast forward to today and I have a much different story to tell. What started out to be an unknown job with an uncertain future has evolved into an exciting career. I have my seatbelt fastened and I am enjoying the journey! As I reflect on the last six years and assimilate to the latest chapter of life, I appreciate the lessons I have learned.

· My objective never changed

Every day I have the honor of assisting businesses to flourish by finding their superstar hire, while at the exact same time, I can help someone find a new career to excel in. All I ever wanted to do was help others navigate life and thrive in the process. That is what I do every day. In fact, I have come to realize whatever life throws at me, my goal does not have to change. The environment might change. My tools and resources might change. The process might even change. The constant is my desire to see everyone win.

· Fear can be exhilarating

I have been skydiving, driven an Indy car around a track going 167 mph, jumped from a 60’ cliff into water, and even rode in the car while my teenage daughter was driving. I have always considered myself a thrill seeker, and like so many others, enjoy doing things that are out of my comfort zone. Yet looking back, I can easily identify moments when I almost allowed life’s circumstances to fill me with crippling fear. Life can be exciting and even thrilling if we allow it. I choose to embrace uncertainty.

· If you are not growing, you are dying

I cannot even count the times I have made that statement in my life. Growth is essential, and if you are not proactive, life will teach you the hard way. I never would have imagined that I would be returning to school to further my education, but it’s happening because I refuse to become stagnant. It is time to expand my understanding of my role and set myself up for maximum success. I do not want to just be successful; I want to be the best I can be.

· Why not be the best

Being the best has nothing to do with other’s abilities. It is about becoming the best version of myself and superseding my previous accomplishments. Trying to compete against anyone other than myself is frivolous and can cause me to fall short of my true potential. I am confident in my ability and I know I am good at what I do. I also know I can be better. Everyone has heard the statement, “the best is yet to come.” The reality is the best only comes when you strive to make it happen.

To sum it all up, I have learned not to be afraid to turn the page in life and to make the best of what lies ahead.

The Talent Sorcerer

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