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Recruit Like A Human, Part Two

4. Tell them about the purple squirrel: Recruiting and sales goes hand in hand. If you want the best talent to work for your company or your clients, they need to know what makes you special. Pay and benefits are not to be ignored. Benefits like 401k, insurance and time off are common benefits. What is different about the company you are recruiting for? If your company owns a large piece of property along the river and hosts employee events, make sure your candidates know about it. If you offer pet insurance, every candidate should know about it. If there is a fully functioning cafeteria onsite, every single prospect should hear about it. Give candidates something to think about by telling them about your “purple squirrel.”

5. Never burn bridges: Taking the time to recruit like a human will not only make your candidates feel special but it will help set you up for greater future success. Even if someone is not the right candidate now, they may be the perfect star candidate in the future. Many job searchers are left with a bad taste in their mouth if a prospective position falls though. If not treated with consideration and respect, they may never consider you or your company again. When we leave relationships intact, we give our sources and ourselves better opportunities tomorrow. Stay professional. Stay connected. Stay human. Ask for a referral. Just because the individual you are speaking to is not the right fit, or just because they don’t think you are the right fit, doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who is the perfect fit.

6. Ask for a referral: Recruiting like a human and making others feel less like a number or some sales product can have lasting results. Not every candidate will be the right fit, but there is a good chance that they know other prospects in their field. Recruiters who fail to ask for referrals can be missing out additional resources. When an individual has been shown consideration and respect, they are much more likely to help and be willing to provide referrals. The talent may not be the right fit or the position may not be the right fit for them, but they may know someone who is the perfect fit.

The human touch in recruiting cannot be undervalued!

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